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12th-Jan-2009 06:34 am - I'm addicted~
I fell in love with a song! The song is just so beautiful!! I can't help but love it >____<

This song was introduced to me by my sister. It's entitled Jikan yo Tomare meaning Time, Stop. It's from the Itazura na Kiss OST.

Both the song and the lyrics are beautiful. It's pretty catchy.

Here's the english translation of the song:

AZU - Time, Stop Now (feat. SEAMO)

Lyrics: AZU & Naoki Takada
Music: Kazunori Fujimoto & Naoki Takada

The time I spend with you passes by so quickly
Before I know it, our date is coming to an end
I don’t want to leave you, I don’t want to go home
I want to stop time and be with you forever

Those embarrassing lines
Those moments we looked into each other’s eyes
I don’t get to spend enough time with you
But you saw me off to the last train of the night
And held my hand in yours
Your nonchalant kindness made me happy

If this was a fairytale, then I could soon go
To the tomorrow where you are…

*Everytime, everyday, everything…
Even if I don’t say it
You are my special place
If I could have just one wish come true
I’d want god to stop time when we’re alone together

Time, stop now, let it be this way forever
It’s my one selfish request
But it won’t come true
I want to tell you how much it bothers me
There are only 24 hours in 1 day
That’s not enough, I need 100 more hours
If I could only have that much more time
Then I could find even more things to love about you

When can I see you again?
I ask over and over again, you probably think I’m persistent
Hope and anxiety are split into equal halves
But these emotions won’t change, they probably never will
I wonder how you feel about me…

Everytime, everyday, everything…
This beloved warmth
And my heart’s voice that can’t speak
From now on I’ll open up and reveal them to you
Time started to move, god, please stop it from moving…

You can be selfish
Tell me you don’t want me to leave
If you want me
I’ll place a flower on my heart without hesitation


Everytime, everyday, everything…
You are my special someone
Everytime, everyday, everything…
I trust you, even if time doesn’t stop
We can always meet again if it’s our destiny, won’t we?

We’ll meet again if it’s our destiny, won’t we?

11th-Jan-2009 02:51 pm - It's morning already..
It's already morning and I haven't slept yet...

I blame it on Itazura na Kiss! I tried to finish the anime today, and I was successful!  Yatta!! ^______________________^


Good morning Philippines!!

I still have classes tomorrow, i mean today >____<

30th-Dec-2008 06:11 am - Buhayin ang multiply
I'm back...kinda...
I  just felt like posting here again..

Well, I just came back from hong kong..actually noong 28 pa..

so  hindi  ko  kayo nabati  nung christmas..


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! belated

sorry sa late greeting ^_________________^

sana naging maganda ung pasko niyo..and ...advanced HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waahhh fjalksdjflaksjf asdfaals;flk waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh falskdfj alsdjf alsdjf al

I really really want to have a DVD of News' pacific con tour!

I want to see a wet yamapi dancing and singing gomen ne juliet!!

Yamapi, why are you doing this to me?!! You're eating all my money!!!

I'm so poor now T_______T ... but even so.. I would still buy your DVD!

so pleaseee!! make one ok?!!

I'll beg for money if I have to!

25th-Nov-2007 09:25 am - Yamada Tarou Monogatari

It's been a long time since I last posted here! I've been too busy in school. Actually I have tests tomorrow too! XDD
I'm just goofing off a bit. 

I finished Yamada Tarou Monogatari yesterday. Nino was soooo cute! My adoration for him is growing! I really like his smile. He looks like child when he smiles! Also, his siblings were so cute!! Nanami is the cutest thing ever! She looks like a cat! *squeals* I wanna keep her!! >___<

 Nino plays the lead character, Yamada Tarou, the breadwinner of a family of 9. He entered a good school with expensive tuition fees because of a scholarship. He's smart, athletic and good looking. Because of this everyone had the impression that he is extremely rich. The drama is all about Yamada and the problems he encounters with his friends and family.

The series was good. I cried a lot. I really love nino's character. He's a very responsible son and a kind brother to his 6 siblings. Being the eldest, he took care of his large family. He worked different jobs so that he could feed his family. He's also the one who cooks and cleans. He never complained and his priority is his family. His modesty and selflessness really touched me. Honestly, I don't think I could live like that. He made me realize just how lucky I am. But I don't think that he's really pitiful. It's because they are happy even without much money. Just staying together can make them happy. It really shows that money won't give you real happiness. Happiness is something you'll find in the people you love and cherish.


Also, today... There's a possibility that I'll see HIM!! waahh I wish I could!

27th-Aug-2007 11:34 am - First Post

Lesley desu~~

I'm officially opening this LJ!
Cheers to the opening of this LJ!!

I'll try to update every week.  But I'm warning you now.. I'm a bit lazy.. -___-

So I'll end this post here!!

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